Taiwan is an island located in the Western Pacific Ocean. Taiwan was formerly called Formosa. It is officially referred to as the Republic of China. Its capital city is Taiwan.

Taiwan is a sovereign state that is partially recognized by some countries as separate from China.

Two-thirds of Taiwan is covered by mountains.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language. The currency of the country is the New Taiwan Dollar.

The country has a world-class tea culture, amazing hiking trails, delicious street cuisine, hot springs, fascinating history, and rich culture.

Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

When to Visit

The best times to visit are in spring and autumn. The spring season starts from early March to late May.

The autumn season starts from mid-September to mid-December.

During the spring, temperatures are moderate. It is an excellent time to go hiking. It is also the cherry blossom season.

The summer is very hot. There are teeming crowds and prices are significantly higher. It is the best season for going to beaches.

Mountain climbing is popular among locals during autumn. Cycling is also a popular activity during the spring and autumn.

Taiwan experiences typhoons and earthquakes. Typhoon season starts from June to October.

What to Wear and What to Pack

The country is the least conservative among Asian countries. If you are visiting during the winter or plan to head to the mountain pack warm clothes and a jacket. Hiking boots are also recommended.


The country is famous for its delicious cuisine. Night markets are very popular with locals and tourists. There are over 70-night markets in Taiwan. The most popular night markets are Ningxia, Tonghua, Keelung, Shilin, and Roche Street in Taipei.

The most popular dishes are Xiao long bao(soup dumplings), beef noodles, deep-fried chicken, pineapple cake, and bubble tea.


Hostels in Taiwan are clean and many are new. They offer free breakfast. They also offer a privacy curtain and a locker.  Wifi is available throughout the country.


The most convenient way to get around Taipei and Kaohsiung is by subway. In other major cities, buses is the best option. An EasyCard is a convenient way to pay for public transport. The card costs 100 TWD.

The country has both standard trains and bullet trains. The standard trains are much slower and more affordable. If you want to sight-see they are the best option. For faster travel, bullet trains are the best option.

Biking is also a very popular option among backpackers.

Things to do in Taiwan

Visit a Taiwanese tea house

Taiwan has an amazing tea culture. There are numerous places to experience the tea culture. The Maokong Gondola hoists one up to a mountain peak. The glass-bottomed cable car allows you to view tea plantations on the mountainsides. The Jiufen is also a popular tourist destination with beautiful tea houses. The Jwu Jiu is a traditional wood tea house built above huge stone ponds full of giant koi fish. You can enjoy your tea while feeding the fish.

Soak in the Hot Springs

Taipei has an active volcano. Beitou Hot Springs offers visitors and locals hot springs to bathe and relax. It costs around 40TWD for one person to soak in the springs.

Explore the beaches

There are numerous beaches in Kenting including White Sand Bay, South Bay and Little Bali. White Sand Bay is the most popular beach. You can enjoy activities such as swimming, sunbathing, diving, and snorkeling.

Go hiking in Taroko National Park

The national park offers you a chance to hike through gorges and mountainous terrain. Admission is free.

Visit Tianhou Temple

It is one of the oldest temples in the city of Tianhou. It is also referred to as the Ximending Mazu Temple. It is a very beautiful temple built in the Qing period.

Participate in the Pingxi Lantern Festival

The festival is one of the most fascinating events in Taiwan. Thousands of paper lanterns are released into the sky. You can purchase a paper lantern and participate.

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